Most of my preserve making happens in the summer/autumn fruit season with the exception of marmalades which are made during the short Seville Orange season in January/February. Visit the stall anytime to choose from the daily selection, but if you are looking for a particular flavour or a large quantity it is better to contact me in advance.


All jams and chutneys are made using home grown fruit from our own orchard (and locally foraged blackberries in the season). Once each flavour sells out it is gone until the following year's harvest, so there will be different flavours available throughout the seasons. Here is a list with current availability (end July 2020) and expected cooking date for those not currently in stock, however all are crop and weather dependent. 

Our preserves at a local craft fair

A typical selection on the A10 Stall


Perfect for ice cream, pancakes, desserts, hot & cold drinks.....

---and made with  just home grown fruit and British sugar.

Blackberry Syrup (SOLD OUT for 2020)

Blackcurrant Syrup (SOLD OUT for 2020)

Cherry Syrup

Cherry & Chocolate Syrup 

Caramel Apple Syrup 

Elderflower Syrup 

Raspberry  Syrup 


Spicy Garden Chutney - SOLD OUT

(made with a variety of vegetables including onions, carrot, swede, celery along

with apples & rhubarb in a pleasantly spicy sauce) -

Orchard Chutney  - SOLD OUT

(made with a variety of fruit including plums, apples & pears with a darker and sweeter flavour)

Apple, Quince & Sultana Chutney - SOLD OUT

Green Tomato Chutney - SOLD OUT

Red Chili & Tomato Sauce

Pickled Home Laid Free Range Eggs (occasionally available)

Pickled Walnuts  (SOLD OUT FOR 2020)


Blackcurrant Jam 

Blackcurrant & Liquorice Conserve 

Blackberry Jam 

Bramble Jelly with Sloe Gin 

Cherry Jam 

Damson Jam

Goldengage Jam

Greengage Jam

Norfolk Hedgerow Jam (our signature preserve made with Apples, Plums, Blackberries, Greengages & Elderberries )

Pear & Ginger Jam 

Plum Jam

Red Plum & Cinnamon Jam - just made the festive favourite !

Quince & Apple Jelly

Raspberry Jam 

Raspberry & Blackberry Seedless Jam (SOLD OUT FOR 2020)

Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam (SOLD OUT FOR 2020)

Rhubarb & Ginger Jam (SOLD OUT FOR 2020)

Redcurrant & Rosemary Jelly 

Strawberry Jam (SOLD OUT FOR 2020)

Victoria Plum  Conserve

Whitecurrant & Rose Petal Jam (SOLD OUT FOR 2020)




Seville Orange Marmalade (choice of chunky hand cut or fine shred)

Orange Marmalade with a Hint of Ginger - SOLD OUT UNTIL JAN 2021

NEW Lemon & Honey Marmalade (using honey from my own hives) - SOLD OUT COMMENDED AT THE 2020 NATIONAL MARMALADE AWARDS !!

BOTTLED FRUIT  400g jars  £5 each

Cherries in Brandy Syrup

Victoria Plums in Prosecco Syrup

Raspberries in Whisky Syrup

Rhubarb in Orange Gin Syrup

Apples, Pears & Quinces in Mulled Wine Syrup

Regretfully due to weight and delivery costs I do not usually post preserves. They can be collected from the stall at Covenham House, from Delaynies at Littleport (both open 7 days a week) and at a number of local events throughout the year.

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